untitled by Ghost

I found a hole where my heart should've been
I can feel my mind wearing thin
drugs fading and my eyes open
inject again and still I'm hoping
body aches, mind flying
I feel so good but I might be dying
inside me and a part of me
but I know I have forgotten me
aftertaste of decay
and it wasn't meant to be this way
is it too late too change my mind?
if I look inside what will I find?
a blood-red toy you've called my heart?
if I touch it will it fall apart?
held together with flaking glue?
or will it be an icy blue?
cold to touch but burning still
shrunken down to a paste-white pill
amphetamine runs thru the veins
wash away the bloody stains
a past which sewed itself to me
sewn tight with wire, I cannot flee
it drags behind me and trips my feet
crawls in front to replay, repeat
an infinite loop of suicide letters
but I'm tied to this life with bondage and fetters
unread message and no reply
all I can hear is myself asking "why?"