“The Screams” by Shaman

Part I- The Short Insane Speech

"Races, Spinning forest
girls lost in nostalgia

Looms fading to trumpets
loud brass echoes off our
foreign walls"

(And As The Children Go)
"Let Loose Our Screams!"

"Ethereal conduits, read me your
story... mmm soft lies

Wet Toilets - Spinning
Spinning, Spinning, Spinning:
luster, dribble, spoons and spittle"

(And As The Children Go)
"Let Loose Our Screams!"

"The rain, the rain,
the endless rain!
Shapes in the dark streams for
the twilight bound lycanthropes

Where humans lost sparrows
bound to silver farrows

Oh and did you know
Rivers and endless streams flow endlessly
for as my father said - the deep oceans
cash the strong checks
they are pursed and cashed
for those, mmm... these under desks."

Part II The Story Behind The Deluded Man

"Under my office desk I rest
only place I don't detest -

Well okay - let me see
You want what you have always wanted
from me - my story

By the little lake I was made
Left to roam through the forests, the shade
It was always sunny there
Great place to play

Well my father and mother
always in love with the other
always away with their tea
always smiled with their glee

That was what I remember of
the happy days in September
In the log cabin in the mountains
with the trees long and limber

Before my dark shadow
the time of my mental window

The dark figure entered
Rain - Hard - lightning splintered

The mud ran across my
birthing halls - for tonight
I was to be reborn

He came with his sickle - for me
meaning lost and fickle
I wanted to run to his side
I wanted to feel his strange stride
I wanted to enter his lonesome ride

He crawled like a snake
Through the leaves I had raked
He came right past me
With his smile real but fake

He struck me with his sickle, and
He struck me with his spittle

I was left to die - but to watch
and wonder why life was real
and did not lie

He went across the hall
Through the farrows in the fall
...to my parents room

By now the ground was mud
full of streams and slush
and I was to await the
- procession of doom

With a swallow of pain
I witnessed what I must

The figure lunged with a
swish and a swack
ungrateful - mental stuck
he had struck my phasing mother
left me in the downpour
purpose never to explain

My father ran out into the rain
Through his eyes I could feel his pain

And with a swipe he was two motions

I was surely dead - for I had
counted the blood that I bleed

It was clearly spherical
my presence of death - it
was mimicked by my
blue lacking breath

But I lived
I wanted the pain
The Discord
The Disdain
I wanted people to see
past my feign
the last insane

I grew old - mind and souls
Time just lapsed and did fold
Sitting, alive, cursing the sweet dead
was I dead? I was not sure

The animals found the sun
- Lovely - how could they?
The animals found their cars
- Death wheels - To me,

Screeching squeals - a
doorway into numbness
a similar predumbness

How could I turn so cruel?

Well I wasn't alone
The streets I made my home
On the building tops I made
my phone

I spoke to him
I jumped to him - on the edge
I fell through the sky, and
I hoped to die

But I was cursed
To me life was burst
A broken pipe
Left to hurt

I could not lie
I could not die

I was left to go insane
I could recall the hard rain

Forever I would be insane.

And that is my story.
It hasn't courage nor glory,
but somehow I left a message.
I must be blinded by the pain.
Only you, my friend, still have
...your hope to guide you.
- my dear insane