“Tribute to Michael Jackson” by Nandlal K. Pancholi

As a Titan into the arena he stepped
He entered and we clapped
Everyone waited his arrivals
He undoubtedly dwarfed his rivals-
Loved by one and all
He was unsurpassed and tall
With his departure the era of pop halts
At an awkward junction
Fraught with boredom and compunction

For him life was a stage, and stage, life
Where he reached with struggle and strife
His millions of fans "want him back"
Though he is a lost hairpin in a haystack
He said "I will be there"
But now for his glimpse we stand and stare
He said, "Don't stop till you get enough"
We now grope in dark for that stuff
Where is that star and his marvelous moonwalk
All across the globe in unison about him talk