“Broken” by Catherine Tsang

You're breaking my heart,
Little by little,
Piece by piece.
First, you melt it,
Shooting it with the warmth radiating from your smile,
Your hair,
Your eyes,
Your laugh,
Your voice,
Your everything.
Then, when my heart is deformed and weak,
You freeze it
With icy glares
And a shut mouth only near me.
Finally, you shatter it.
I hear your voice,
But it's directed at her.
I hear your laugh,
But it's distant and is almost immediately absorbed into
The conversation that you are having with her.
I see you smile and flick your hair that always gets in your eyes,
But none of it is for me anymore.
Everything with you is always about her now.
I glance over at you constantly in the middle of a conversation with one of my friends.
I glance so quickly that she doesn't notice.
I hear her say something humorous and laugh,
But I'm not in the real world.
I'm trapped inside the world of my heart,
Wishing I could take a step towards you,
Wishing I could laugh and smile with you again.
But I can't
We are forever separated by the shards of my broken heart,
Stabbing my feet like little knives every time I try and close the gap between us.
So I sit in this imaginary world with my head in my hands
And tears rolling down my cheeks,
Destined to stay broken