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“Easy Fit” by John Grey

An epiphany

or maybe a flashback to

her younger years –

she bypasses her usual safe mall clothing store

for the innest of the in boutiques.


The music blares songs she’s never

heard before, wispy female vocals

over jackhammer beats.


And the other customers are half her age,

barely out of their teens most of them

and, in the dressing room,

she overhears conversations

about parties on the East Side

and something called “ecstasy.”


She struggles to fit into a pair of jeans

but her belly’s uncooperative

and the zipper fights in vain

to turn back the years.


Thankfully, one of the help,

a girl dressed all in black,

leads her, like a mother with her child,

toward a small stack of a style called “easy fit.”

She makes a purchase without even trying it on.


Later, she sits at the coffee shop,

sipping a latte,

while her latest acquisition

rests on the chair beside her,

with the logo showing proudly.


Awkward, out of place,

a great risk to her self-esteem,

and yet, as that shopping bag proclaims,

she did it.


If anyone were to ask,

she’d tell them, really,

it was an easy fit.






John Grey is an Australian poet and US resident.  He has been published New Plains Review, South Carolina Review, Gargoyle, Big Muddy Review, Louisiana Review, Cape Rock, and Spoon River Poetry Review.

“Piano” by Linda Fuchs

I watched in horror as my dad chopped up our piano.
Getting ready to move he said
“I’m not moving that damn thing again.”


8 years old, I desperately wanted to play.
I dreamed of the day I could have lessons.
As one of twelve, I had to wait my turn.


Wood splintered and piano wires snapped
springing and sproinging.
He heaved chunks into the fireplace.


Mother with red eyes, silently turned away
walked into her bedroom and closed the door.






Linda Fuchs was born the fourth child of twelve in northern Ohio.  She states that she is one of the lucky ones that are ambidextrous and believes having a brain that works that way helps her to be both technical and creative.  Linda has had three books published; The Midnight Ramblings of an Insane Woman, Life’s Complexities, and Healing Times.  She has also had more than 150 poems published in various literary journals.

“The Piper Talent” by Elizabeth Shelnutt

I am a pied piper’s daughter,
curly bangs and gaunt alike,
but I lack the same snuff the sire was made of.


Many I led through the streets,
many I was wont to leave in peace.


But, I am a pied piper’s daughter,
and his will be done.


I chatter, I charm,
I spin miles of yarn.
All the same year round for a long time.


Women, men, the young were best,
I did it all at his behest.


I am the pied piper’s daughter,
and his will be undone.


My pipe has long since rusted,
my voice box soon to be busted.
My charm’s all but dried up.


I’ll never be the same snuff,
so I’ll stop being, thinking, and existing.
That I am, and will forever be known, a pied piper’s son.







Elizabeth Shelnutt is a college student in the South who has been writing poetry as an emotional outlet since middle school.  Their style has become more abstract as they’ve been adapting to the stresses of college life.  (twitter.com/toasttotheroast)