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A Poet’s Haven Love Connection? ;-)

So today I received an e-mail asking me to update the e-mail address attached to some poems in Gallery 1.  This was for an author who’s work was published back in 1998 and 1999.  She included this in the e-mail:

“Also, I’d like to thank you. Thank you for keeping the site up and running through all these years. In a weird way this site helped to bring myself and my soul-mate together. We did not know each other at the time we were both posting to the site, nor had we read each others work. However around 20 years later we ended up meeting each other and connecting almost instantly. In all the talking new couples do we discussed our past personal pages, places we chat, etc… only to discover we were both posting here at the same time with our submissions only separated by a few submissions. An odd coincidence, maybe, but we consider it evidence that our lives were circling each others and in its own way brought us closer together.”

Okay, other than that “20 years” thing making me feel *REALLY* old (not to mention that I’m fairly certain last October only marked the site’s 15th anniversary), this kind of thing is what has kept this site and press running all this time.  😀

untitled by Bonnie Boyette

It scratched and clawed its way out
leaving a bloody raw scab on my mind
and it seems it will never heal
oozing puss of undying memories
sores of old recollection
unwanted and green with infection
poisons of a virus entering my thoughts
another circle's turning
another one's coming out
sadistic sores churning
ripping my mind and burning
scratch, rip, and tear
bloody raw sores on my brain
the signs are everywhere

untitled by Bonnie Boyette

Confusion is a delusion
of the mind and heart's love thought senses
confused reality illusions convince us
wish for true love is deranged
we who want happiness
Insane deranged delusional illusions of love
Sweet sadistic love in my brain
Unreal is this pleasure filled pain
and its only just a game
Fronted with a candy name
Sweet love
When really is only insane pain
Caused by confused conclusions
of deranged delusions
Why are they never the same?

“Madness In My Veins” by Bonnie Boyette

Hidden behind these walls
Caged, hands bound
In the chamber of my madness
I am free to do as I choose
If I want to plot your murder
that is what I do
If I want to burn a church
and speak words that are blasphemous
I get the gasoline ready
and say god is a liar
I want another shot
I get the needle ready
find my vein, see red, push the plunger in
Here I can do anything
without repercussions
Unless what I choose to do
is escape the madness
Locked in a cage, hidden away
My thoughts being detained
for analyzing
Escape has the opposite effect
An oxymoron of its meaning
and its action
Taking me only deeper into my madness

untitled by Bonnie Boyette

For you I have pain
Not 'cause I am insane
I hurt you 'cause I am your friend
Since I love you Ill do it again
Stab you in the back - it's the end
Bury you in glowing snow and sand
'Cause I care I return you to the land
But I still have your throbbing drippy
heart in my hand
No more lies from the holy man
Hope you had time to repent your sins
Before that wretched knife went in
Now do you understand?

I was his friend until the end
but he never did comprehend
how much I loved him

Holy man died in sin
when that wretched knife went in
and now he'll never lie again

Cause this is the end.

“Searching” by Bonnie Boyette

On a quest
to quench a thirst
a need for knowledge
wisdom yields power
the strength of ages
is what I want
the things I require
what I'll use to
find the truth
          divine enlightenment
...the quest continues
   and I look for the tools
   collecting slowly what I'll use
   learning the truths
   along the path
          divine enlightenment
...I take a drink
   and a step
I'm on my way again
the beginning of the end
to where and when
   I will find
          Divine Enlightenment

untitled by Bonnie Boyette

A cauldron of emotion
near boiling point
but then
calming to a mild stew
of feelings
running through my being
contaminating my thoughts
imprinting my soul
I've know them all before
but never altogether
at once
I am happy with being depressed
thrilled with the dark inspiration it has brought me
some call it crazy
I prefer to refer to it as insanity
and so I'm insanely happy
as so could you be

untitled by Bonnie Boyette

You can dwell on the past
die for the past
learn from the past
the future is all that we have
the end is all that is there
so dwell
learn, know, try
still die
so... what?
Have no fear, the end is near,
it'll take all your worries away.
What is it you say?
You want to stay?
Well I hope your paper savior
can save you now...
Cause I sure as hell don't know how!