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UPDATE: Event Names, Feature Lineup

I have made the decision that only the events at Phoenix Coffee will be called “Saturday Night With The Poet’s Haven.” This will make promotional language easier to write and understand. (I’ve always found it challenging to explain the multiple venue format in a fast manner. Now, its simply “SNWTPH events are held every other month at Phoenix Coffee in South Euclid.”) When we do have an event that uses the same format during the other months (such as November’s show at Sonnets), it will be promoted with its own title.

Speaking of November 19th’s Vending Machine: Poetry for Change event (see how easy that was), I am pleased to announce that the feature lineup will include Shelly Gracon-Nagy! She’ll be joined by Andrew Tobias Line and the music of Glass Audrey!

VENDING MACHINE: Poetry for Change volume 1


“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”
–Mahatama Gandhi


“Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine.”
–Robert C. Gallagher


VENDING MACHINE: Poetry for Change volume 1 features:

Introduction by Zach
“Love Initiative Poem” by Bekey Hewit
“Singularity” by Geoffrey Landis
“Wet Down with Mother’s Spit” by Steve Brightman
“In These Times” by Kay Eaton
“For the Fifty (Who Made PEACE With Their Bodies)” by Phillip Metres
“Surfacing” by Marc Mannheimer
“Torches” by Michael Bernstein
“Vending Machine For Change” by Dianne Borsenik
“Leap of Faith” by William Merricle
“August of Now” by Cheryl A. Townsend
“Fun House Mirrors” by Michael D. Grover
“Refugee” by Tina Puckett
“Depth of an End” by Katherine Zaleski
“Sparrowz (A November Poem)” by Marlana-Patrice Pugh Hamer
“No Boundaries” by Christina Brooks
“Late Autumn” by Joshua Gage
“Evening Things” by Nabina Das
“Lets Go Fly a Kite” by Sarah Wells
“En Mass” by Michelle “Mikki” Williams
“Men” by Eric Odum
“Can It” by John Burroughs
“Love Is” by Arija Lee
“Whitman Knew” by Timothy R. Gates
“STORMS (It Is Now Time To Open Our Eyes)” by Leah B. Beck
“Corners” by Ann DiFrangia
“Speak a Revolution” by Katie Brown
“A Wish for Peace” by John A. Todras
“Meditations to The Max” by Amylia Grace
“Amina’s Field Trip” by Judith Fanny Rose
“Becoming Light” by J.E. Stanley
“Re Routed” by Chris Lawrence
“Journey of Change” by Jenna Arthur
“Virgin Mango Pickles” by Sivakami Velliangiri
“Embrace It” by Jen Pezzo
“Celebration” by Barbara Moore
“Busy” by Elisha Aglioit
“If I Were Hungry” by Peter Hessman
“Hard to Disagree” by A. Molotkov
“Solitaire” by Steve Thomas
“The Road” by Craig Firsdon


cover by Jenna Arthur