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“Sin” by Brittany Zedalis

Along comes a whisper..
   A subtle, daring gesture...
      It's not true, it's not true,
  How could he possibly choose you-
    Over me, they say, trying to pull the light away,

      These things could never be,
  This man is full of more love,
    Than you could ever see!

The past came running from the start,
   Trying to break what is my heart...
      He grasps my hand and whispers to me...
  What other than paradise
    Could this possibly be?

No, no, I will not give in,
   I will not believe in lies built from sin...
      Sin of the heart and
  Of the mind,
    Sin of the body that's not so kind.

The Poet’s Haven presents… Kate Westfall

Kate Westfall performs as a solo vocalist, layering digital loops to create styles steering from primitive to tribal to pop to lounge. Sometimes aggressive, sometimes soulful, it can be heard that her range of musical travels has begun with confident footing. Westfall’s live performances include live vocal looping and digital rhythms with occasional hand drums and spoken word. The appearance of digeridoo, washboards, or marimba is not to be unexpected.

Recorded November 2012 in Canton, OH

RUNTIME: 33:09