“The Instinct” by Elden Pierce

I lay, suspended in my fear,

in my worry, in my sorrow.

In the pit of my being is

the instinct,

to refuse change, to stay as I am,

where I am. Tears spring

to my eyes, as I think of

what will soon become reality.

All that I once and always knew,

will be scattered around me,

estranged, never to fit together again.

The puzzle pieces of my life have been

moved to places of which I

am not familiar. They are now

only chunks that drift in my

sea of memories, but they

will soon leave me, as memories

always do. I will wave a solemn goodbye

while I watch them drift

downstream, to a place where I can never venture.

These people,

these places,

these memories,

that mean so much to me…

I won’t even remember.