“Winding Way” by Robert Bartusch

The road declines to tell me
Where I’m going.


This road just winds
And takes me
Where I am.


I know that you don’t understand
Where I’m going.


You know I won’t tell you
Where I’ve been.


Would you believe me
If I told you I’m just walking up
Hills in a park,
Enjoying the sunshine this spring.


The road just winds and takes me
Where I am.


Road, we don’t have
To disagree.
I know you’ll always take care of me.
Just wind and
Take me where I am.








Robert Bartusch is a bar manager in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has a BA in English from Ohio University and has been writing in his free time while working in bars and restaurants for 17 years. He is also a songwriter for the rock band Hurricane Hotpants. twitter.com/hhpants