“Seduction” by Briana Staszak

The carefully chosen words drip seductively from my lips.
I slip the straps off my shoulders, and I am exposed for you only.
Do you see me now?
How I struggle to let what I love go?
The ink pours from my pen as the thoughts stream from my head.
Tears branch out and burn rivers, seared into my cheeks.
Do you see me now?
Caress my feelings like you touched my body:
Hold me close and breathe in every thought of you I’ve ever had.
Understand me.
Feel me.
Kiss me.
I taste as bitter as vinegar, my tongue tracing your lips, mixing my poison with yours.
Let your virginal hands explore the corruption that is my darkness.
I want to let myself shine for you, like at the beginning.
But one can’t shine in fear and sadness, can they?
Let my paper skin and brittle bones be your gilded rock, your silver, your gold, your fucking tin foil.
I miss being the ocean, the sun, the moon, and your constellation.
Search for me again, for I am lost.
Understand me.


Do you see me now?








Briana Staszak is a young writer who was born and raised in Southern California. She learned to love writing in her teens and hasn’t stopped ever since.