“Teapot” by Juan Pablo Duboue

Robin softly bouncing opposite a butternut
Rustic drawbridge solemnly erected
Beneath, a miscreant drinks cocoa past the queue area
News of a sighting always travel fast via text messages
A ranger breaks the line to head for the woods
Unaware of the dynamic duo of twins that blush
As he rushes by


What was found upon arrival
Would constitute a hearty meal for a cannibal
The scrubbing was perfectly coordinated
Yet the blood was too much
Everyone wondered how
The pink little teapot stood unharmed
Next to the decomposing body
How faint one
How endurable the other








Juan Pablo Duboue was born in Mendoza, Argentina and works as a teacher of English, freelance translator, and interpreter. Currently pursuing a Masters in Contemporary English Literature he enjoys writing poetry, short stories and songs.  sylviafitzgerald.wordpress.com