“Mark of the Young” by Dylan Sanders

I dream of you curled
In disappointment
Umbilical cord
A headphone jack
Wrapping once around the waist


Sliding on your back
Through the window
You exit


I hear stories
How people wept at Dimebag’s funeral
A piano chorus
A river of black shirts
The way you imagine it


Sprays of sadness
Doused the crowd
Sprinklers of pig blood
As a crack was heard
Startling god


I never saw the wave
That crashed
Into the stage
Tore the gunman’s limbs
His face from his hands
Skin from his bone
Salting the dirt with
His jealousy


When the news said Jeff Hanneman had died
I thought of how you would react
We all thought
The band would no longer exist
Out of respect


For 30 years he inspired
Crowds of sweating
Muscles pressing into muscles
Cobwebs in their sallow bones


To bleed elbows with
Chests Faces
Molding them


Synonymous pile
Expression of life
Unattainable without
Imagery of death


You would react with shouts of protest
Lurking sadness
Serpent in crawlspace
Hide yourself in the dark of your room


Your favorite t-shirt
Torn from your body


You would bury it
Deep in the woods
As tribute
Their logo bleeding
Bright red through the earth
Before jumping into the nearby lake


You would swallow a mouthful of water to cleanse yourself


No one talks about how they found you


A flag draped over your strong body
No longer a shirt
Black blanketing allegiance
Your arms resting on glass
You mix with the earth


I almost saw you a week before
When we would have said goodbye
Without really meaning anything


I drive out of boredom
Singing along
Songs with a car of friends
Full volume
It stopped me from seeing you lying there


The officer told us
You’ll have to go back
We asked him what happened
Wondered all the way home


Out of sympathy for us
His voice on the verge
Of cracking
He said

Please go home






Dylan Sanders has lived in Illinois his entire life. He is a graduate of Millikin University with a Bachelor’s degree in creative writing. His dream career is to write video game script for Blizzard Entertainment. He has an obsession with doing Christopher Walken impressions. He has an unquenchable thirst for metal music. He has written articles for Thecirclepit.com and Nerdglow.com and has published a graphic novel.  facebook.com/Dylan.Colonel.Sanders