“On Standby” by Holly Eva Genevieve Allen

Parades of foreign faces should’ve been acquaintances by now.


Gray Tuesday.
Milky Morning.
In a tide of stand-by minds.


The boy with the narrow nose and silent tongue,

perhaps by now we’d be romancing if we weren’t so full of apathy.


The girl with the tough skin and long stride,

perhaps by now we’d be unfolding if we weren’t so consumed by self-pity.


Sinless Somedays.
Lonely Evenings.
In a world of disconnected hearts.


Fears kill possibility.







Holly Eva Genevieve Allen is a current student of Linguistics and English at the University of California. She has been published by various literary journals such as Black Book Press, Suzerain Publications, and Susurrus. Holly Eva is involved with social justice volunteer work for the Native American and LGBTQIA communities. In her spare time she enjoys reading the works of H.P.Lovecraft and studying dead languages.  hollyevagenevieve.wordpress.com