“Maybe I am a Lord of a Ring” by Aaron Lee Moore

Maybe I am a Lord of a Ring;
Maybe my life is fantastic,
Typing away on this slender magic box
–The buttons I press
–The fountains spewing water
–The tiles of rock ripped from mother Earth
–These lighting fixtures glowing like individual Suns
Marvelous machines,
Components stolen from worlds away
And a faint perception of their majesty.


Maybe I am in a curious little story
–The crumpled up aluminum foil hotdog wrapper
–The multitude of shining planes paraded about
–The walls of the cubicle magnificent rifts
I can summon rainwater
With a tiny fire starter,
Unleash a torrent and flood the halls.








Aaron Lee Moore is a doctoral candidate in Sichuan University’s Comparative Literature program and recipient of a Full Chinese Government Scholarship. Two years prior he was a Peace Corps university English teacher serving in Xindu, China. He received an MA in American Literature from Florida State University where he specialized in Faulkner Studies and received a BA in English from Radford University. He is also the chief editor of a print literary magazine, Floyd County Moonshine, which has been in production over 6 years. He grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Floyd, Virginia.