“Give Me Absurdity or Give Me Death” by Pete Able

Absurdity is the last bastion
of America’s adolescence
and it is threatened by the popular writing of the day.
With its nonsensical imagery and boring non sequiters:
“It was June and teal porcelain and the same temperature
as the day my father died.”
This has no worth for me.
I want the bizarre, straight and simple.
By all means be confusing and misleading
but not in a dull, vague sort of way.
Do so with outrageous pinazze and indifference.
Why dance the way everyone dances
if just for the sake of fitting in?
Dance absurdly, and with gusto.
This is the main point of this manifesto:
Dance absurdly, and with gusto.







Pete Able studied Creative Writing at Rutgers University and has published short stories in Tsuki Magazine and Foliate Oak Magazine.