“Ulysses” by Morris Dance

Because the earth wobbles on its axis
Like a Christmas tree into which a twenty
Pound tabby has leapt after getting that
Insane tail twitching I’m a tiger! Its
The law of the jungle! Its kill or be
Killed! Don’t try to stop me, I don’t want to
Hurt you! look in his eye; forgetting that
An additional eighteen pounds does make
A difference, and jungle trees don’t come
With ornaments, twinkly lights, and tinsel—
Though, when I tried explaining this he looked
At me with a disconcerted Must I
Explain every little thing to you? glare—
Thousands of years from now we will enter
A new age, for there will be no pole star:
We will have to navigate on faith; as
I have, since he is gone; sighting upon
A starless space by which to find our way.







Morris Dance attended the University of Utah and studied with Galway Kinnell, Judith Hemschemeyer, and Richard Schramm. Time, sadly, they will never get back. He has worked in a variety of jobs; among them retail management and transit bus driver. Time, sadly, he will never get back. He currently resides alone, accursed, yet strangely happy in California’s central valley.