“Straight Kinky” by Cordelia Johnson

The flowing tresses fall past my shoulders,

I see the hues, they’re now a reddish glow.

I wondered what next to make it bolder?

Maybe color, a cut to let it show.


My red is bright, catches the light like glass.

The shine is divine, a fire ignites.

The snip of scissors really chaps my ass.

No one expected this big a change, right?


I caress corkscrews and spirals, not locks.

The mirror shows me a sassy red head.

I love my look being outside the box.

My hair’s personality is widespread.


Alone no more, for there are many now.

We are “the few, the proud, the” Natural crowd.






Cordelia Johnson is currently a senior at Francis Marion University majoring in Biology. She loves animals and nature, and has a creative streak that she releases by way of poetry, photography, and art.