“pOeTiC bEdLaM” by Cordelia Johnson

“It is the job of poetry to clean up our word-clogged reality by creating silences around things.”

- Stephen Mallarme


Endless Wonder, a pile-up

of words, clogging the drains

stress builds, temples throb,

as anxiety sideswipes tension in the turn only lane.


Thoughts collide, emotions run hot,

rushing ideas careen through intersections,

synapses and neurons, flash fire whizzing past, in

the never ending race of cerebrum.


Tempers flare, billowing manhole eruptions.

Impatient images barge to the front line,

taxis bogaurding the boulevard,

neurotic bees of the asphalt, blocking the alleyways.


Green lights bring mutiny, a

discordant symphony of trumpets,

parade down the avenue,

the disjointed melody a play by play.


Inching past the gridlocked mass,

I spy escape, the dark twist and turns giving way to a rooftop.

The pandemonium rolls to a stop, pressure idles,

my mind relaxes, the engine cut.


A sweet silence moves in,

as a light mist falls my mind floats,

cocooned in a dense fog,






Cordelia Johnson is currently a senior at Francis Marion University majoring in Biology. She loves animals and nature, and has a creative streak that she releases by way of poetry, photography, and art.