“Let it Burn!” by Kyle

When Kyle, Nick ,and Ryan play with fire, it's a very bad thing. Some people would call them pyromaniacs. But one day in the sizzling hot summer of 8th grade, Nick Apel, an athletic 14 year old , Ryan Boyer, a white/sunburned baseball player, and Kyle Martin, a twisted, tan 14 year old, were at Kyle's house trying to figure out what to do.

"Do you have any fire works?" screamed Nick.

"I think so, but we would have to do them by your house," said Kyle.

"Fair enough," said Nick. So Nick, Ryan, and Kyle went from First Street to Peace Lutheran. They were too lazy to walk around on the sidewalk, so they decided to cut through a yard, which was a bad idea because there was a pit-bull waiting for them as soon as they left the first yard.

"Holy crap, Boyer almost got attacked!" screamed Nick wile Boyer was on the ground freaking out and Kyle and Nick were laughing and rolling around on the ground.

When they all got to Nick's house, Boyer screamed, "Where are the goods!" Kyle slowly opened his back pack and showed the 14 year old the one hundred dollars worth of fireworks. The boys were playing with the fireworks behind Nick's garage, and they were doing everything possible with the fireworks, shooting each other, blowing things up , and shooting things.

After a couple of hours the boys finally ran out of fireworks. There were sticks from bottle rockets lying everywhere.

Then faintly red Boyer got a brilliant idea,

"Let's get the gas and a bottle and blow it up!" screamed the excited 14 year old. So Nick, Kyle, and Ryan went to the garage and grabbed a full five gallon gas can.

"This should be enough!" exclaimed Nick. Kyle and Ryan just sat there and laughed. After a couple of minutes looking for something to put the gas in, then they found a 16 oz. Gatorade bottle. Then they had another problem, no working lighters. They had used the four lighters all up that they had bought. It was a good thing Nick's mom was a smoker because they found one next to Nick's mom's head while she was sleeping on the couch.

By the time they found all the supplies, it was 9:00 PM, and Kyle and Ryan had decided to spend the night. After Ryan and Kyle begged their parents to stay, it was 9:45 PM and they were ready to try their experiment.

The not too smart kids filled the 16oz. Gatorade bottle to the top with gasoline and drilled a hole in the top of the cap, so they could drop something in the top to make it explode.

After they had that all together they were ready to try to make some fire. But the bottle would not sit flat. After a little thinking Nick and Kyle, sent Ryan to find a piece of wood. When Ryan found a 2x4 they were set. Nick tried to light the piece of paper and drop it in, but it never worked. The boys tried and tried but never could get it to explode. There was a little flame on the top of the bottle and Kyle got very mad and stupidly kicked the bottom of the full bottle with the little flame on the top.

After that, all hell broke loose. As soon as Kyle kicked the bottle it ignited and set the small lot on fire. The gas spilled out of the broken cap and the bottle blew up. They stood there for a couple of seconds in awe.

Then Nick screamed, "Holy shit, it's going toward the garage!" So as soon as the word came out of Nick's mouth, Nick and Kyle freaked out and started to stomp on the flames but they wouldn't go out. When Nick and Kyle were trying to stomp out the flames, Ryan was no where in sight. Then swooping in to save the day just like Superman, Ryan came with a blanket and started to smother the flames that were all around the yard. But after they got most of the flames gone, there was one big one left and it was right by the garage. They frantically ran over toward the giant flame, Nick had his sister's brand new hat on and started to beat the flame with it. After the boys battled the raging flames in Nick's backyard, they decided to go to make some pizza and do stupid things all through the rest of the night.