“Soulmate” by Chad Curtis Rose

Her hands soothe the slippery colonies of my heart muscle

massaging velvety liquid life past the gatekeepers pain

my mind’s daemonic dragons lay slain in her petite wake

even amidst her very arduous life

she shrugs the challenges off of her collarbones

with a spring in her step and a twinkle in her eyes

the depth of her resilience is abysmal

halos visibly challenge each other

vying for space above her beautiful mind

I can taste her selfless breath when she speaks

the words are sweet

and glisten like the seventh stone

solitaire diamonds embroider her aura

her presence competes for my breath

night after night I’m rendered speechless

by her allure and

unparalleled powers of love and healing

she stands guard in the watchtowers

above my beating heart

eternal day

infinite night

she waits vigilantly patient

to slay my next foe

as I lay still

and sleep a peaceful sleep…