“Ain’t We Able to Do Anything” by Shailendra Chauhan

My daughter
wishes to become
sometimes P T Usha

Towards sports her attraction
is simply positive
When live commentaries of sports
are telecast
she would be sitting
throughout the play
before TV

Impressed with her school teachers
she becomes teacher while playing
would write questions on blackboard
seeking answers

While playing with her sister
she acts to become
doctor or engineer
kindled with her desire
to become somebody
is quite good

But, since a few days
she has stopped
talking ambitious ideas

Scared is she
listening the news
everyday about
killings and deaths

She asks now
Why so many people die
Who are the killers
From where is got
the ammunitions

What’s the role of Police and Army
and the Ministers
Ain’t we able
to do anything?