“Jungle Bazaar” by Shailendra Chauhan

The lake hidden

amid the jungle

The flight of

known-unknown birds

in the sky

The trees small and tall

of various flora and fauna

What a beautiful forest!

Shouldn’t I stay here?


Villagers on bicycles

pass on gossiping

No road, no electricity, no hospital

Twelve miles away the school

No bazaar near by



The bazaar is spreading and spreading

No wonder

If there be a marvelous bazaar tomorrow

by side this lake

The innumerous show-rooms


What will happen to the jungle?

Will the jungle survive?


Eco-friendly consumer

super market

botanical garden and a grand bazaar

amid the trees

deep spread in the jungle


Earlier there flowed a river

pure, clean and clear

in every town

Now the people everywhere

scattered like drying up clothes

There is continuous emanation of

unpleasant smell from drains

throughout the town