“Winter Fun” by Robert O. Adair

Thirty below zero,

a sunny day in St. Paul!

When school let out

we didn’t rush home,

we played in the snow!

Children with rosy cheeks,

wet gloves from throwing snowballs,

pulling a sled with red runners

and wooden boards

over the thick blanket of snow

to the top of the hill!

Fur lined parkas and leggings,

handy for lying on the ground

to make snow angels.

Our eight foot toboggan for

use on Randolph Hill,

building snowmen.

The crisp cold air,

not making us shiver,

but numbing our bodies.

When you couldn’t feel anything

halfway down your thigh,

it was time to go in.

Hot Chocolate

before a roaring fire!

Ah! Those were happy times!