“Domesticated” by JW Mark

Lap lioness, her sherbet spoon

reflective tongue: orange driven deep.

Fruit flavors stain her nostrils spry

and running down in long, drawn lines

saliva slimes the pavement gray.


Hypnotic wrap, she spindles slow

Savannah false: a sauna stage

Reflective wet with flavors crushed

cranberries mesh with citrus, rolled

four honey-dews, papaya blend:

her Sunday salad bonus


Flaunt, contended as the Headline Show.

Savannah sun sets somewhere:

orange and yellow bright and virile signs

beyond her which she’s not to know.


Dominion now the stale fruit:

Tomatoes pocked and carrots cracked

A warm and brown elastic steak:

One afternoon performance feast

She almost hears you clapping.