“Queen of England” by Adreyo Sen


There was a very little girl

who was the Queen of England

because she knew she was.


Her subjects were her dolls.


She flew them here and she flew

them there.

They came to her kitchen

to play with her.


They loved her very much,

she was the queen

of their hearts.


Her eyes were her scepter reign,

she saw with her hands.


You see,

she was a pilot.


But then she found

she was the Queen of England

after all

and she stopped believing she was.


She did not know she was beautiful.


She ran away

and locked herself up

in a place that was dark and

mean and cold,

a place she thought was her heart.


But after a miserable night,

not so long, though, she thought,

she found she was loved,

after all.


After all,

she was the Queen of Hearts.


It was her kitchen and they had come

to look after her.


They never forgot that they loved her,

she was such a beautiful little



It was she who thought

she had to grow up.


They didn’t, at all.


You see,

she was the Queen of England.


A child at heart.