“Sands of Time” by Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi


Two hearts as one reunited in an airport -

seems we are destined to repeat these very roles.

No telling how or when the next chapter begins -

only revealed by the trickling sands of time.


You say Atlantic Shore, and we walk along the beach

to the roar of the incoming tide at mid-day;

my feet sink in sand, leaving fleeting impressions

as the waves rush to claim and deposit more shells.


They look young and strong as we did not long ago;

their wits and degrees will surely take them farther.

Together we must support their life-long learning

to ensure their success in a sandpaper world.


Full moon rises gold against blue sky in April.

Lonely loon croons a nocturnal lullaby.

Groups of geckos gather beneath the Melbourne moon

while a Chihuahua family bids me farewell.