“7 Sins of We” by Leslie Milliken

We think we are better than everyone else
Putting ourselves higher and higher on the status shelf
We always want more –
     more fame, more power
Always want to be rich and never be poor
We hurt with our words and our hands
Until the dark spot gets redder
We seem to make the same mistakes
     and never learn from the past
We can't wait another minute
     yet want some moments to last and last
Our desires are wild, our hearts are ajar
We want what we can't have and what isn't ours
We indulge too much and care to little
We eat until we're bloated but we're very brittle
We look and pray for an easy way out
We think we'll be okay without any doubts
We don't do enough with what we are given
And even when we do we still expect to get into heaven
We lack patients and have bad thoughts
We desire and yearn, but what have we got?
Black souls and stockings full of coal