“The Spider” by Matthew Pearce

Black bodied, thimble legs skirting across the granite.
Inching ever so closely with toxic fangs to unprotected
skin. She eyed the miniature monster with both quivering
limbs and lustful lips.

With a gleeful proclamation of "Die!"
She swung her mighty weapon of rolled newspaper
only to hit empty air. The eight legged demon
danced in a chauvinistic twitter of a vengeful spirit.

With several more futile slaps, and sweat
forming on her brow she furrowed her face
in determined fury. The beast brought back
that long ago dark night. Of a man she was to marry.

Jimmy, red headed with a temper to match. A flurry
of drunken fists that smashed her bones and broke
her soul. A long night of surgical repair
fixed her appearance, but not her heart.

Bottled upturned, remaining pain of discolored
bruises and empty talk of friends, and it was not long
till a gun holstered in her mouth left her reaching
for the sky dreaming of breaking free of tortured bonds.

The black spider twitched as if laughing at her agonizing
memories. Sending her into a fit of rage filled pounding,
squashing the little beastie under the compacted fists of paper.
Smiling, she relished in killing Jimmy.