“Soul Diving” by Matthew Pearce

The dawn breaks as we dig our toes
into nervous sand like hermit crabs hiding
from the plunge into Elysian fields.
Joining those who fell asleep
in the eternal, blue crest.

Like the cliff we stand tall. Trepidation
in our eyes as we approach the edge
with cautionary steps. We look down
from the great height like God
on unsuspecting youths.

Time turns to ice before the fall
into the abyss. We grip hands with fearful
sweat forming a cemented bond. Outreached
arms toward the heavens, we fall into the deep
blue diamonds. Crystal-clear water fills
our dry crusted mouths.

We breach the top laughing like two accused school
children of stealing but never caught. We crash
with the waves, as we crawl onto the secluded shore.
We stand naked before the world, ready to die again
hand in hand.