“A Hiccup in Paradise” by Scott Vaughan

for so long it was so dark
i prayed and prayed
like a boy who would soon die in the war but didn't yet know it
i was too far gone
the drugs had already eaten my body
and were working on my soul.
after a time i awoke hoping things would be different.
praying was easy;
faith was easy;
change was hard;
that dark and bleak january morning i had black coffee
like i always do
but today was the day i realized nothing would change
it was the day i stopped praying
and kicked that dirty habit for good
it was my hardest challenge but my most rewarding feat
because now i see colors bright, and spotted with detail;
and change comes fast instead of late;
and loss doesn't cut me like it used to,
being happy is finally worth it;
because i earned it.