“Enthralled” by Osei Holder

Fawning its way into my eyes,
Like the serpent ending of a cocktail dress,
These strands of affliction,
Meditating in the rays of life,

As my eyelids collapse,
I chute my fingers to the end,
Its golden fruitage beside me,
Humanities assertion,

Craving its succulent juices,
I gaze at the feathered aces,
Serenade me under the fervid sky,
How I wish that humming bird would fly!

A quibbling of leaves within the Caribbean breeze,
Some ripe and tottering to a green haven,
Coconut water, coconut jelly!
Hopeful is its resilient motion,

Forbearance being our foe,
Rift to my desire, the machete,
I billow my mouth in its sensual waters,
Such innate elation,

Scour the jelly from its cusp,
Masticate this white emulsion,
The eyelashes diverged,
A greenish-yellow allurement wavered above me,
What a wonderful tree!