“Claudia” by Peter Newarski

I am lying in our bed.
The room is quiet and dim.
Claudia has gone out
To the small store across the street,
To do some shopping.
She said we needed
A bit of food to eat.

I think of how we met,
Only months ago,
At a party in the City.
I just had to know her name.
I was charmed by her,
Drawn to her.
I, the moth,
Claudia, the flame.

She said and did
All the right things.
To keep me close.
She said she was saving me
For a special time.
I was intrigued.
I wondered, what was to be?

She said she had some people,
Far away from here.
But that I had all her love,
A love that would always be.
I told her that I needed her,
And would never let her go.
And if I was her prisoner,
I didn't want to be free.

We are rarely far apart,
She always knows where I am,
Who I see and what I do.
Little about her do I know.
Friends tell me she is possessive,
Jealous, and controlling.
When she is out of hearing,
They tell me so.

If this is love,
Then so be it.
I cannot help myself,
It is beyond reasoning.
What is this power
That she has over me?
What is this strange
Passion that I am feeling?

Claudia returns
I hear the key in the lock.
She has come back,
She opens the door.
She says "I'm here."
I wait for her kiss.
I hear her steps
Upon the floor.

She comes into the room,
I see her now,
From the shadows.
She comes near.
She leans down to kiss my neck.
She smiles, opens her mouth.
Only then do I see her fangs.
I fill with fear.