“Parting Is Not My Choice” by Ingrid Westberg

Parting is not my choice,
Must I come too late.
Waste not my love,
But cherish its depth and width, and breathe.

Vanity comes with a fall,
Wanting belongs to my soul,
Smother me with your loveliness.

I care not for lament,
While I caress your brow,
Silent is my course in the constellation of your eyes.

I put my trust in you.
Must I wait forever to love what I cannot posses

I pay homage to a time when my blood is blue again
With royal robes of glory to cover your feet
With gold and sweet perfumes
That you delight in.

So swear, you will be my love,
Until the moon forgets to shine.
I am yours, I am mine,
We are a blend.