“I Need a Push / Let Me Swing” by Bryan Wysocki

Slowly exploding stars
circle around my heavy head while I
throw wrenches into sleep cycles
searching for a sip of wine.

I'm thinking of raw beets again,
how they are red like the human heart.
Bitter taste for bitter thoughts
of how she is better than me,
how I am not fully one without another

I sound like a lunatic laughing
at the moon,
but I'm walking on crooked cobblestones
and need a level plane
to rest my tired feet.

required for a lesson.
Show me
Teach me
Help me build my lego tower,
but I will choose the color.

If only I could close my eyes
while my thoughts swarm around
flickering light bulbs.
Don't trap them in a jar,
but please
turn off the light.