“Broken Song” by Christina Hansche

I kiss thy swollen lips
As I write this sullen tune
Thy body giving me hintful tips
You want me soon.

Thy takes my hand
And leads me astray
Over this empty land
I will forever stay.

Thy heart beats slow and steady
Waiting for you
The scent masculine and heady
My heart beats true.

Thy eyes big and green
Stares at me so deep
You look at thy heart left unseen
You ran away made me weep.

You found a new love
Broke thy heart
I look at the heavens above
You did not want my love from the start.

Thy heart was torn
You are gone
I was left alone forlorn
Now I sing my broken song.

I am stripped of my pride
Oh why did you leave?
Because of you I hide
I hide the cuts under my sleeve.

I feel thy life begin to fade
Upon that building I stand
This 'tis the monster you made
I fall gracefully over this land.

You broke thy mind
Sick I have become
'Tis you are so blind
You had your fun.

Forbidden love
Unwanted force
Looking up at the heavens above
I show so much remorse.

Why do I have to sing thy broken song
Of a love once long ago?
It's been so long
Why can't I let go?

The way you called me baby
You made me cry
I thought I was forever your lady
'Tis because of you I will die.

I thought I could love you
'Tis been way to long
I thought you'd be forever true
Now I sing my broken song