“Bitch” by Caira Lee

The lonely gets to me sometimes.

Tend to do drastic things for love
(of any kind)

I often go to fill the galaxies between my fingers
with my other fingers.
It's like forcing the wrong ends of magnets together.

But I just hold them there

rock my skeleton to sleep...

Do you know happens when you put a ballerina in a strait jacket?


Abstract think until volcanoes erupt between my ears.
I push their lava back down their throats
but they can't wait to do it again.

I used to call it the devil-
you know-
the urge to touch yourself.
But I decided
it couldn't be Satan
Because the Holy Ghost plays hopscotch in my retinas
and she promised me she wasn't thinking of anything...
but I couldn't believe her...
I saw the way her eyes drift like spaceships.
and just the other night-
I felt death trying to sneak up my nostrils...

was signaling
to avoid the third eye.