“Insignificant?” by Cody Keller

Bitter is the winter in which our tears stream to the heel
The haze shrouds even the rusted color tightening the room
Up above, sorrow and insignificance frenzy to the loud speaker
Constrict even the breath desiccated lungs leach from.
Escaping death past a clear needle hunting that crimson vain
Tick after tick, the unsettled screams form a cities gathered mouth
Day after day, my mind is tip toeing on an arctic fringe
Somewhere distant, yet close
Maybe above the towering phlegm stack rising to cotton seats
And when a caged hum slips from a bird, shrieking alleys clutter below.
Maybe everything shatters in the fog
Because thievery shows underneath the street
Not to walk on cracked bricks, and bricked cracks.
Set your wandered eye to the belly of machines
Deep with darkness,
And I have fallen into the abyss:
Tricky key in my pocket
Weathered eyelash falls off.