“My Wish For You” by Lori Ulrich

to see
the book you have written yourself into
stories of life,
choices made,
loves, loss
no regrets for the ones that do not work out
better to live, some say,
than dream
faraway places hold adventure treasures,
find a book that suits you, with lots of pages,
blank, waiting to hold your story
write with pens of different colors, gels and glitter,
soft shades for the passions
you dive into,
get half way in and retreat
write about your lovers, those who stay awhile
and those you wave goodbye to more quickly,
thank them for the good times as you leave,
down a new path, new direction
carefree, just knowing you desire change
gypsy hearts wander,
pack stories into a well worn journal
leave me wishing
it were my life
pens of color trailing down my book pages