“To Be the Wall” by Charlie Bottle

"Let us draw the rules of engagement,
But not find the time to engage ourselves."

I the wall stand solid, unmoved, unwavering,
Not fazed by the nails you pounded in me,
In your desire to embellish,
The empty spaces of your vacuous life,
You adorn me with colorful things,
and lights that accent their presence,
I stand stoically, for all I see,
Are the dark backs of picture frames,
The dark frames that hold up these,
The accoutrements of your dull life.
Hanging cold, they serve only to collect dust.

I am the wall, solid in you time and space,
Spatially dividing and compartmentalizing you,
Limiting the freedom of open spaces,
I am cold in summer, colder in winter,
But I retain your warmth when you touch me,
I cherishingly support you when you lean on me.

I am the all seeing all hearing wall;
I have no ears, no eyes yet I see,
What you do in front and behind me,
I stand silently dividing,
Making secure your today and tomorrows,
From the vermin and the vagaries of this world.
Their buffeting winds do not shake me,
Nor the earth's dark groaning from below.
I stand solid, stolid, stoic, firm.
Desiring nothing,
I hide you from the outside and the outside from you,
From the reality, which you visit and return,
To the comfort and safety we offer,
I am the wall solid, solid and stoic.