“The Medals” by Lawrence William Barrett

What is it a proud man brings
To America of praises in rings
Of bells wakening up the land
That studied Homer and the deeds of man?

A war tragedy then sorrow
For children are thoughts for tomorrow
Honor was won for many soldiers of men of pride
As when men fought side by side

Viet Nam was a war clashing
A world back home saw hope passing
Words to make a verified peace
From bodies alive bullets did not reach

America had known oh too well
Today in the world of diplomacy to dwell
A Memorial Wall of Viet Nam in our homeland
Having hoped we made a final stand

Honor us receiving Medals of Glory
Praised had in July Fourth awarded
As Presidents of the military were supported
Now torches once passed Peace to defend

What did these Medals bring?
Peace and Pride and Honor at last Praising