“The Public Opinion” by jklough

I am what is wrong with this country
Or so I thought until I had to die
To get medical insurance; after working
Four and a half decades, paying
Into the system, taxes and everything
Else, I was left to fend for my self;
With a pre-existing condition of heart
Disease, it did matter for all the thoughts
And knowledge I had in my mind, for all
The mornings of getting up and being
A follower of the zero median time
Schedule despite my natural biological
Functions trying to relate to the earth,
I may as well have been a vacant house
Or the soul of road killed deer or raccoon;
So soon my attitudes changed against
The ruling class of politicians, out
For themselves and not much the nation;
Everyone seems to have known how
It's been for years but the people still
Believe that maybe on a week day
With no particular reason or fate, some
One will say no more for them
And show them their predecessors' destiny,
Somewhere in hell or whatever is below it.