“The Present Is Not Always a Gift” by Sofia Vaz Gomes

Roller Skates for Sale-Size 3 in Children's
She eagerly shredded the paper
She ripped the top off and marveled at their presence
Eyes widened with joy
Heart beat fast with excitement
Sandals ripped instantly from her feet
Immediately criss-crossed the laces
But tied only once

Skates placed in the box
Like a body placed in a casket
Authentic, simple and genuine

Kept in the same spot on the floor
Just the way they were left
Frozen by the memory of the fatal accident
That took her life away
Reminder of the violence and keeper of the silence
Shining white
Untarnished laces
Wheels polished and outer part unscratched
Original packaging included, plastic still inside
Roller Skates for Sale-Brand New