“The Bridge” by Carol Causin

Standing on the bridge,
On a cold and snowy night.
Looking down below,
Remembering the angry fight.

The water cold and dark,
Like the emptiness in my soul.
The ones I leave behind,
Is it my time to go?

The bruises on my neck,
My heart is filled with pain.
The scratches on my arms,
I love you just the same.

I lift my foot upon the rung,
My hands upon the rail.
I cradle the feelings in my mind,
My body feeling so frail.

My voice cries out so sadly,
As I look below.
My son, my son, how could you?
I gave birth to you,
Fifteen years ago.

I turn around and take a look,
Before I say goodbye.
And there you stand before me.
A tear drop in your eye.

Your hands come out to hold me,
To take me off the ledge,
But before I have time to think,
You push me over the edge.

I grab the rail as I start to fall,
My heart begins to pound.
A shot rings out in the night.
I see you drop to the ground.

Your body cold and lifeless,
As people try and see,
I won't hold on any longer,
There is nothing left for me.