“Acid Reflux” by Sarek Futch

I looked around me as I started towards home
And came in contact with a man named Go
I said, "I like your name."
He said, "I like your mind."
"Why?" I asked, and this is how he replied,
"Close your eyes and take a deep breath,
Count slowly back from five.
Spread your wings and show me your colors,
Imagine life as a butterfly.
Now don't be shy just take to the sky,
Or you'll deprive the world of a hard-fought flight
From the trunks to the tops of the trees
And if the bees in between are what's making you scream
Then not to worry."
He said, "Not to worry.
All they want is to make a scene."
When I came to he asked, "How was your dream?"
I put my head to his chest and this is what I said,
"Well I don't recall the bees or the trees or trunks
Just trying to get to you sitting on the sun,
But it all went dark like I was in my heart
And the fire was never there.
So I climbed the vine that's taken the place of my spine
And found a mirror laying on the floor.
I screamed as I smashed the glass with my fist
And found myself running towards the door.
Upon opening I saw it slamming shut
And was left to bleed out my pain once more.
I laughed and I cried
"It won't hurt after I die!"
But how could I ever be sure?"
You whispered, "not to worry."
Whispered, "Not to worry.
I'll kiss wherever you're sore."
"That's when I came to seeing comfort as you
Still standing by my side.
I heard each beat of your heart,
Felt the heat of your charm
And saw the fire that flooded your eyes."
I said, "I like your name."
He said, "I love your mind."