“Embrace the Ambiguity ” by Sarek Futch

My purpose is written, yet unknown to me
I struggle to keep my focus
My purpose thirsts for tangibility

If these words could speak
Specific and brief
Still they'd be snarled
At the very mention of me

My mind's too enthralled
With dreams I have drawn
To observe me as a reserve
Not just as a pawn

But when my gift is bestowed
Individuality will expose
My purpose will be set in sight
As my future gets set in stone

Then you'll witness these hands
Build a place for me to stand
Within the Gods and Gremlins

My purpose lies in the coming tides of the holy light
In death I will find something
Something truly divine, lingering in the heavens
A master design, hiding behind curtains

Riding the wave of uncertainty to the shores of validity
My purpose?
It's ambiguity at it's finest