“Goodbye for Now” by Amye Nicole Bird

Yesterday I loved you with all that I was,
Today I will love you with all that I am,
Tomorrow I will still love you with all just because,
And in a moment I'd do it all over again.

My aim was to give you the whole of my life,
To give you every measured beat of my heart,
To house you in every square corner of my mind,
And to keep safe our hands from ever splitting apart.

Your laughter flows like the crimson wine in my veins,
Those eyes haunt my days, float above me at night,
My unburdened arms miss you so much they are pained,
As once again I lay alone under this moon's solemn light.

Under the stars I will weep 'till I exshaust into sleep,
I'll clutch tightly my pillow and pretend that it's you.
I'm sure to drown fast in this loss, so frigid, so deep,
How I'll go on in this new mutated world, I've lost any clue.

This leftover life is no more than a pitiful mess,
Yet I pray because I know you can still hear me.
Was this really our fate or just another cruel test,
From which neither of us can ever be freed?

Time will not be as tender as I'll walk alone through the days,
Just know that I will see you again when out my time has run,
My soul longs to be with you, but it's here my body must stay,
So for now, goodbye and sweet dreams to my love of all loves.