“Sister Mine” by Amye Nicole Bird

How good does it feel
When you sink that needle deep?
Does it make you forget
All those you have left?
And the life that you sold for damn cheap?

How good does it taste
When the fire goes down?
Does it make you forget
The lies that you have lived?
And the sister you once slapped to the ground?

How good does it work
When the pills shoot through your blood stream?
Does it ever just make you sit down and cry?
To realize the beauty of the world you've missed out on?
I know it makes me want to shake you and scream.

How good does it feel to know I don't hate you?
But I'm done with the mess of whats left of your mind
And to you all I hope for the most
Is that all those demons will finally be shackled,
And your self torture will stop and peace you will find.