“Untwine” by Barry Brown

Untwine the bonds
of winter
the cast of white ice
so long a haze
a sarcophagus on my heart
now melts to the flutter
of warm wings
and Brazilian songs
lilting into an illuminated
when hemp returns
to plant
healing to surf
and waves that massage
like fingers
the old bottle
full of frantic warnings
blaring loud as city sirens
on St. Violence Day
now seems an antique message
as it drifts like Munch
to far continents
I am free
and she
and we
become me
you across a room
of multi-dimensions
envelop me in
the living colors of precious stones
now rubbed warm with breath and sweat
and you give yourself to me
glinting a silvery vine winding through me
and here
in the shade of miracles where hues
parade larger than eyes can see and we
slippery slide into and out of
new skins singing with strings and sighs
tints and textures
we wade waving into cascades
through memories born beyond our grasp
yet to be remembered
all this I do
for the future love of you.