“The Black Kiss” by Marla

You want it more than you know,
You've craved it, thirst it, and hungered,
For it you've cheated, for the ecstasy,
You've lied, for the satisfaction you've

It's the pleasure in your dreams,
You've cried out loud in the darkness,

Many times when you cried aloud,
For ultimate carnality, to be released,
The pleasurable love you seek,
Is as innocent as the rush,
The rush to cool the flames,
The touch to cool the fire,

It is sweeter than the baby's kiss,
It's as rich as the pots of gold,
You'll find at the end of each rainbow,
While love has been,
Deep and intense, in the absence of sin,
It was the black kiss,
The sweetness of livid bliss,
Much, much, more than a crush,
Still, in love, oh the rush, the rush,
While I may be the guilty one,
I plan to recover, for my fall from grace,
Let's me know no one could take the place,
Of the black kiss,

My thirst quenched when your is,
My desire fulfilled when telepathically,
We conclude the search to be complete,
I feel you as I share your bed,
My taste buds are delighted,
My mouth waters as I survive the flames,
Of my desire,
My eyes sore from the darkness,
Love draws me to the flesh,
We kiss as we sweetly reminisce,

Our bodies heal and submit to the flesh,
We recover from the absence of it's warmth,
Our souls are bathed and drenched,
In the essence of perfection,
Our spirit and souls collide,
The walls I'll climb as I reach,
For my release from the passion of,
The black kiss...